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Saturday, January 9, 2010

My very first blog! Now, what to say? I'm assuming, by creating this blog, that someone will find what I have to say at least mildly entertaining. So, this is where I'm supposed to grab your attention with something witty or clever and I got nothing! No really, I am simply aiming to keep my most dearest friends and family updated on the happenings of our life. You know, special events, holidays, funny things Asher does, stupid sweet things Vaughn does, neurotic things I do, in other words, the seemingly meaningless stuff that fills our life with so much joy ( or stress depending on how we look at it!). We're so busy, and I admit, I am sometimes often guilty of being pretty lousy at keeping up with my dearies. I am hoping this blog will help me keep those said dearies a little more involved in our lives. So, I'll keep this first blog short and sweet. Just an intro and a semi-recent family pic taken on Thanksgiving at my Aunt Pat's house. Seems like Asher (will mostly be referred to as A) has gotten grownier in only a few weeks. And you can certainly add a little more chub to Vaughn and I considering we are only 9 days post holiday eating. Wish I could say we're working on that one, but I'd lie considering there's a large pizza in the oven as I type. Anyway, love you all and I hope you enjoy our new virtual adventure together. Here goes nothing!

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