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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maryclaire is 15 months!

Hello Friends!

Guess who turned 15 months old the other day?

That's right-This little sweetie did!

You might not even recognize her she's grown so much!

I am amazed at what leaps and bounds Maryclaire has made in the past 3 months. Seriously amazed. I don't even feel like I have the same sweet baby. Here are just a few fun facts about 15 months.

1. You have 6 teeth. And you've been sick with every one of them. You're not a terrible teether, but your not a great one either.

2. You have gotten HUGE! I don't know your stats, but you've gone from wearing 9 month clothes just a few months ago to wearing 18 month clothes. I've even put you in a few 24 month dresses and they fit fine. Crazy!

3. You finally have a nick name and you'll even respond to it. Before you had this enormous growth spurt, we started calling you "itty bitty" and it just fit you perfectly. You're not so itty bitty anymore, but the name has stuck among our household.

4. Personality. Big Personality. You are so feisty, sassy, and independent. You don't want me to help you do anything! You think and you try to be such a big girl. You won't even hold my hand when you walk. Nana says you must be your mother's daughter.

5. You even have a bit of a mean streak. Especially to your brother. I hate to say it, but you are down right rotten to him. Which bring me to...

6. You are a pincher and a scratcher. If somebody makes you mad, you reach out and either give them a pinch with your little tweezer fingers or a good scratch across the face with your velociraptor claws. You've gotten many pops on the hand for that and your poor brother has gotten many red scratches across the face.

7. You haven't said many new words, but we know you understand most of what we say to you. Right now, you go around saying, "owwwww" for "ouch". It sounds more like a dog howl. Asher inadvertently taught you this one (see #6).

8. You are finally sleeping through the night. Not by your own accord. Basically, we had to turn the monitor off in our bedroom for a few nights. You still have hiccups now and then, but at least I know now they're not out of habit and you really do need me.

9. You love to read books. We sit and read book after book after book during the day. You like to play with your baby dolls and whatever Asher is playing with. You'll pick up a car and make noises with it while you push it along, just like brother does. You like to go outside to play. You love Elmo and I usually let you watch Sesame Street every day...or I at least turn it on and you'll pay attention here and there while you are playing. You like to climb...anything you can. And stand on top of whatever is NOT supposed to be stood on. You are a complete daredevil and I definitely see gymnastics in your future.

10. Jealous. You and Asher are SOOOOOO jealous of each other. It is ridiculous. You'll cry and try to pinch him if I'm loving on him. It's very frustrating and I love you both so much. I know it's normal, but it's not fun and it causes a lot of stress some days.

11. You drink out of a cup with a straw. You don't like sippy cups. You want a regular cup, but I only let you have one when I am right there to help. You are a great eater. You love your veggies and will try anything.

11. Precious. I just love watching you become a little person...seeing your BIG personality come out, watching you develop and hit milestones. It's truly amazing and I am so glad I am home with you to watch you grow!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Blog: Take 3

You know that feeling when you've blown a diet...again and again (and again) and then you don't even know where and how to start back? Well, that's kind of how I feel with blogging right now.

I was looking back at some posts from a few months ago and I so much enjoyed reading what the kids were doing at the time....things I didn't even remember even though they don't seem like they were that long ago.

So, where to start back? I guess now!

Asher had his 4 yr old check a week and a half ago. He's 4.5, but we got off track a couple of years ago. He was diagnosed with Asthma when he was two, and we pretty much lived in the Dr.'s office for a few months around that time, so we missed his official check-up by 6 months even though we were in and out of the Dr. for about 4 months. So, I guess this is 4.5 yr check up!

He got his eyes checked and his hearing checked and passed both with flying colors. I talked at length to our pediatrician (who I love!) about several things. But, here's the low down.

1. He's still really little. Asher gained a whopping 1lb and grew 3/4 of an inch, which means he weighs 32 lbs and is 38 inches tall.

2. His asthma seems to be getting better, so we're decreasing his dosage. Yay!

3. He is developing allergies. He'll start taking Claritin as needed. And most of you probably know, allergies and colds can aggravate asthma so, that makes me a little nervous. :(

4. He is ready for kindergarten! Dr. Brichant asked him several developmental questions and he made me so proud. When she asked him about the shapes he knew, my boy doesn't talk about circles and squares. He tells her about octagons, hexagons and polygons.

5. The nurses just kept praising how well he followed directions, how brave and calm he was. He really didn't know what was coming with those shots and showed out big time after that. Ha! I promised him a milk shake after the shots and I'm pretty sure he would have cried for an hour had I not bribed him to stop crying before we left the office.

It was a great appt. (minus the shots) and our pedi. did a great job addressing my concerns.

And while I'm talking about Asher, I have to point out a few new things he can do. Drum roll please......he has finally learned how to button and unbutton buttons!!! This is such a milestone for him (and us!!!) that he doesn't need us to help get him dressed and undressed anymore. He's so cute and proud of himself too. As he gets dressed every morning he says, "Mommy look! Watch me do this."

He continues to bless my heart the way he loves God. When Jesus talked about faith like a child, I KNOW he was thinking about kids like Asher. He loves Jesus, he loves to pray, and he loves to read his bible. He never ceases to amaze me.

He tries so hard with Maryclaire! And she is so rotten to him! They are both just as jealous as they can be over one another. He has revived his Sesame Street underwear b/c she loves S.S so much. He puts it on, runs to her room, and shakes his little booty in her face so she can see. It's a small act, but so sweet and funny!