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Thursday, January 27, 2011

1 month old!

Wow, did the last month fly by. With Christmas and New Year's and my new sleep schedule, everything feels a little hazy. Maryclaire is such a fabulous baby...nothing like her sweet brother was. I've often found myself thinking, "why didn't we do this sooner?" Here's a few things about this sweet girl at 1 month old.

1. You weigh 7.11 lbs and have gained over a pound since birth.
2. You have gorwn almost 3 inches in length.
3. Your percentiles are 16th for weight, 76% for height and 44% for head circumference.
4. You have a mild case of jaundice called breastmilk jaundice. The Dr. isn't worried about it and said you would outgrow in the next few months. Besides, you look like you have a fabulous tan!
5. You eat every 2.5-3 hrs and have even slept several 4 hr stretches at night.
6. You currently spend most of your time sleeping.
7. If you are not sleeping, you are eating or crying because you want to go back to sleep! You really don't fuss much, but you're kind of a little cranky when you're awake.
8. You are not a big fan of the swing or bouncy seat yet.
9. You have everybody wrapped around your long skinny fingers already!
10. You have slept in your carseat for the last month b/c it keeps you upright and helps your reflux.
11. Did I mention you have reflux? Got you on meds when you were only 4 days old. It was pitiful!
12. You like a pacifier. See below for proof.

13. You are perfect in every way possible and we love you SO much!

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  1. Oh my goodness....she is PRECIOUS!!!! I love the quilt she is laying down on in the last picture, so sweet! I love paisley and polka dots...and of course PINK! :-) Happy Friday!!!!



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