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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Asher's (late!) Birthday Tribute

I wanted to blog more of a birthday tribute to Asher than I did previously. I need to remember this time with him. He's so funny. I have gotten to watch him several times lately in a group setting with other kids and he's so different than he is at home. He's so shy and timid! But once he warms up he's really quite goofy! He reminds me so much of myself as a kid. I really do hope he isn't as shy as I was though.

A few days old

Asher's vocabulary is really good, but he has a tough time saying a few things. And he really doesn't get that he isn't saying it right....sometimes correcting us! It's so hard to keep a straight face. These are a few things he's mispronounces ALL the time. Our favorite is the first one-shirtle. Vaughn will find all kinds of ways to get him to say it!

1 yr old


chicken lay-chickfila





astricity -electricity

I know there's more, but my brain can't think of any right now!

2 yr old

Right now, Asher is into superheroes, cars and machines. He is obsessed with building "machines" with his megablocks. He must spend half his day doing this! He also loves matchbox cars and we are getting quite the collection. He doesn't like to play outdoors much. I know, I know, I hate it! Honestly, I think I pushed my bug phobia on him and he is so scared of all the bees and wasps flying around.

3 yr old

His favorite movies are Lion King, Ant Bully and Mighty Machines. I'm picky about what he can watch (my hubs is a little more lenient than I am) and I only let him watch PBS during the day...hopefully not more than 2 shows a day, but sometimes we fudge depending on what I'm doing. I also must get asked a dozen times a day,"What can I do now, Mommy? What can I do now. I don't know what do to." I get really tired of that one. He is in such a chatty phase right now and talks my ear off all day. Sometimes, I just have to ask him to be quiet for a few minutes!

4 yr old

He's such a wonderful big brother and is so helpful to me with Maryclaire. I know he's going to be very protective of her as they get older. Every night before Asher goes to bed we go over his bedtime rules. There's only two: 1. Stay in your bed. 2. No Growing!

He's always asks me if I'm joking after that last one and I sigh really big, wrap my arms around him and say, "No!"

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