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Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Fall Fun

Asher's pre-school had a fall festival today. The kids sang a few songs during the service. He goes to a very small school with only 12 students. I think about half of them came...a few were too overwhelmed to stand up with their classmates.

Asher stood up there, but that's about all he did.

And we battled over that shirt of his being tucked in. It basically became a battle of wills and obedience and less about that silly shirt.

To give you an idea of how small Asher is, the kids on each side of him are in his 4 yr old class. The kids on the right end (the ones he is the same size as) are 3 yr olds. Vaughn is really starting to be concerned about him going to kindergarten next year.
We'll see, I suppose.

Vaughn and I got to go see the movie Courageous this weekend. A dear friend of my mom's insisted she treat us to go see this movie...she said we needed to see it. We loved it. It was a very powerful, moving story. Definitely inspiring.
If you haven't see it, DO!

Y'all were too kind with your comments to my last post. I hate to admit it, but I am not that mom that can do it all gracefully. There are usually lots of deep breaths, frustration, short tempered remarks, and ordering around that can only rival a drill Sargent's. And lots of late nights!

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  1. Asher is so cute in his khaki pants and button up shirt....a little man!

    Glad you got away for a date night. I loved the movie too.


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