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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Every year I paint this magical scene in my head about what Christmastime is going to be like in our house. Picking and decorating the perfect tree, snuggling up to Asher while we watch old school Rudolph, baking get the picture right? I mean, it's probably pretty unreal.

((((Big Sigh)))))

We ended up at a new tree farm this year...small, quaint, nice...picked a good tree in 75 degree weather. (failing in my mind #1...sweating)

I asked my hubby 5 times if he thought our tree stand was big enough. All 5 times he said yes. (Back up a year ago, we eventually had to cut TWO feet off our tree AND nail it to the ceiling with wire so it would quit falling over. There were many broken ornaments and an over-emotional pregnant lady involved).

By the time Vaughn got the tree in the stand this year (and after I sent him out to buy a bigger one after a unsteady moments with new tree!) the moment was nothing magical...more along the lines of grumpy. (Failing in my mind #2)

We kept Asher up until 10:30 decorating the tree (failing in my mind #4). I forgot to put his Christmas jammies on him (failing #5).

He had a great time, but still not the way I had played it out in my head!

We are going to the Christmas parade this Saturday in Atlanta. Magical, right? I know something will go awry...most likely it will have to do with getting there...on time...I digress.

I realize none of these things is what the season is all about. I am in constant prayer that God would help to focus on celebrating the Divine birth of Jesus Christ, and not all the "magical" moments I build up in my head.

Here's to having fun, but focusing on what CHRISTmas is all about!

And to leave you on a funny note...a couple from Asher.

Mistletoe? We have the mistleTOAD!

Candy Canes? How 'bout Candy Corns!

Mommy, "I heard my name in a Christmas song! (You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and...)


  1. You know what? Sounds like the good basis for a funny Christmas time movie. (But does anything really beat Christmas Vacation? I think not.)

    Enjoy the imperfect moments. It makes for better memories. At least you have a REAL tree. I have a fake one. #soembarassing. There's a story behind it.

    Asher's sayings are hilarious. Those are definitely worth remembering!!!

  2. Man, it never goes how you plan, huh?? We had a big Christmas tree debacle last year too. haha! We are hoping to get our tree tomorrow.


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