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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School....Ever

We sent Asher to his first day of preschool on Monday. We were all excited. I barely slept Sunday night...Asher slept fine. Ha!

Special breakfast for a special day!

We decided to put Asher in a church 3day/wk preschool instead of full time GA pre-k. Vaughn and I both felt this would be best for him at this point.

I was definitely ready for him to go. He was definitely ready to go. We are all very happy with this new chapter!

Funny story though. I stuck around for a few minutes when we got there and took pictures, talked to his teacher, watched the other children come in, etc. When it was time for me to go our conversation went like this:

Getting our sillies out before school.

Me: Ok Asher, come give me a kiss...I've got to go.
Asher: Where are you going?
Me: Home
Asher: (very confused look on his face) You're leaving?

I guess I forgot to over the part where he is at school by himself! He was fine by the didn't phase him a was just unexpected.

Already hard at work

When I picked him up, being in typical boy fashion I had to pull all the details out of him. From what I gather, he learned about ants, the letters A, C, S and a "few others", germs, went to the "port-e-potty" (???????) and played outside.

I'm looking forward to this big step for Asher. I can't wait to see how he grows this year!

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