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Thursday, August 18, 2011

In 60 seconds

It take us about 20 minutes to clean up Asher's playroom everyday (I'm pretty sure if I didn't help him it would never get done!). That includes sorting all his toys into the designated buckets and bins. Yes, I'm a little anal about there being a "place" for everything.

It takes him all of about 60 seconds to make it look like this.

And sometimes I wonder why at the end of the day I feel so un-accomplished.

Oh, but look at that happy face. I'm thinking the mess makes Asher feel very accomplished. The bigger the mess, the better the fun!

Ha! Perspective, right?

As for the lack of blogging, Mc is INTO EVERYTHING! I can't leave her for a minute without her getting into something she's not supposed to. She's trying to climb the bookshelves, eat every speck of dirt, leaf, trash, etc. on the floor (I promise I vacuum daily, it doesn't matter), get into places she's not supposed get the picture. She's a pure mess and is keeping me rather busy at the moment.

I have lots of catching up to do...including some body's 8 month post....Ack.

Have a great week!

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