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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Happy Caker

Last weekend I went to baby shower for my cousin Amanda. She is going to be having a sweet baby girl. I can't wait! She's going to be a fabulous mom.

I asked if I could make a cake to bring. I've made lots of birthday cakes, but never a shower cake, so this was a first. I had such a hard time deciding on the stuff is just so darn cute!

My mom said it was the best tasting cake I've done yet...I won't tell her there was crisco in the icing. Yikes, I know...but in this GA heat, I have to have an icing that can't take these temps.

This weekend I wanted to try these...cakeball ice cream cones.

They were so fun!

I have so many cake ideas lately and I just need the opportunity (and time-ha!) to practice them!

OH, which reminds me-I have a new blog (as if finding the time to manage one isn't enough, right? I'm a glutten for punishment, I suppose!) I wanted a place to showcase my caking without it getting all mixed up with my personal stuff. I'll hopefully be adding lots to it in the next few days, weeks, get my drift, right? You can check it out here at

We are having a lazy weekend so far...My favorite kind! Hope you all are recharging for the week ahead!

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