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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 Day YOU Challenge-8 Fears

These first few fears come rather easily. I don't think I'm alone in many of these.

1. Someone in my family getting sick or hurt. My parents, my children. Day after day we are inundated with stories of sickness and tragic accidents and I DAILY give thanks to God for his protection over my family.

2. Spiders. Seriously. If it's bigger than the size of my little pinky nail, it terrifies me. I can't even get close enough to stomp them death. I usually throw things at it... mostly shoes. Other times I try to coax Asher into killing it...and often he'll cry and tell me he wants to put it in a jar. If neither of those two work, I get out a can of Lysol or some other cleaning substance and spray the heck out it until it stops moving.

3. Being out of control. I have serious issues. 'Nuff said.

4. Failure.

5. And along those same lines, I fear what other people think of me...especially if I fail.

6. The Dentist. While my teeth might look ok, I've always struggled with healthy teeth no matter how much I brush and floss. I seriously fear the white knuckles/death grip on the chair fear.

7. I fear getting sick...cancer or some other debilitating disease that might make me unable to care for my children, my family the way I'm supposed to...the way I desire to.

8. Being a parent. Or not being a good enough parent...scarring my children through some unthoughtful action, not investing enough in them, failing them on some level, not being able to protect them them from this (sometimes) cruel world.

Up next, 7 wants (only 7???) Kidding!

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  1. Fear will get us every time if we let it. So glad the Lord can take it away...though we often struggle to fully let it go. A lot of your fears are valid, but spiders...dentists...come on Jill. ;) Teasing. We all have our "stuff". Lol.


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