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Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 Day YOU Challenge-9 Loves

Nine things I, seems easy, but it's not???? I mean, OF COURSE, I love my family, God, my kids, my hubby...duh! Totally a given, right?

So, I'm trying to dig a little deeper here and it's a little more difficult than one would imagine. Here goes...

1. I love the last 10% of decorating cakes and cookies the most. Weird? No, not really. The last 10% is adding in all those little details that really make all the difference...really make what you're creating come together.

2. I love those people you meet that you automatically feel connected to. I hope that doesn't sound weird. You know, when you meet someone and the conversation flows so gently, like someone you've known all your life? I love that.

3. Mail. Real Mail. Like letters and cards. I think I've gotten less than 1/2 dozen REAL pieces of mail this whole year. I loved everyone of them.

4. I love special days like Valentine's, St. Patrick's, July 4th, Easter, etc. Really, anything that gives me an excuse to do something cute and crafty with my kids and celebrate with a special treat or small gift.

5. The feeling of finishing a project or marking something off my to do list, even if it's just catching up all the laundry (come on, mama' know what an good feeling that is...even if it's just for a moment). I am very task orientated and love the feeling of getting "stuff" done.

6. I love waking up and drinking my coffee before my kids wake up. Do I usually do it? No way! The rarity of it probably has something to do with why I savor it so much!

7. Hotels. Nice hotels. I am not referring to your local Super 8. I love staying in nice hotels, having someone else make the bed and tidy up, bring you fresh towels, those little bottles of relaxes me just thinking about it!

8. The beach. Love, love, love the beach. I get giddy like a 5 yr old about making sand castles and then something about the drone of the waves just relaxes my soul. It's by far my most favorite place.

9. I love being doted on. Who doesn't? It's the simple thing like when my hubby fixes me a cup of coffee in the morning or my mama sends me home with a meal so I don't have to cook. I don't mean being doted on with expensive gifts ...I'm not that type of girl.

Next on the 10 day YOU challenge, Fears!

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  1. You and I are a lot alike. Except, funny how I live right by the beach (hardly ever go) and I like the IDEA of the beach...but the prep to go, sticky water, gritty sand, clean-up, feeling so much. I like taking PICTURES of the beach, though. Haha.


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