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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

I can't believe Christmas came and went already. December seems like it was just one big blur of a month sprinkled with happiness. The last thing I feel like I REALLY remember is putting up our Christmas tree...and then things took off into warp speed and didn't slow down until this week.

I've missed so much blogging I really don't even know where to start. I took the week before Christmas off from baking (you know, my little night job that I'm only supposed to do after the kids go to bed....ha....not so much these past 6 weeks!). I am so glad I did and don't have any regrets. I envisioned spending it making cutesy little crafts with the kids and assembling gingerbread houses, but alas, we simply just hung out and it was PERFECT! I enjoyed having Asher home from school so much.

I also had to do just about all my Christmas shopping. So, between my mom watching the kids for me one morning and running out after the kids went to bed, I got it done. I love wrapping presents, but this year I was in such a rush it looked like a 5 yr old wrapped most of the gifts under the tree. Oh well, no bother, and in the end, I don't think anyone cared.

I carved out time to take Asher to see "Arthur Christmas" on Friday and it was such a cute movie. I loved having a little date with him, minus little sister.

Saturday morning we had our annual Christmas brunch at our house with Vaughn's family. The morning flew by and soon we were in a mad dash to get out the door for our Christmas Eve service.

Wrangling two small, squirmy children for 1.5 hours was not exactly the religious experience one would hope for, but it is what is is! We actually left a few minutes early in an effort to NOT lose our minds and to get to our next party destination, my aunt's house.

Christmas Eve is such rush cramming in church, my aunt's house, and then getting back to my parent's house (where we spend the night) at a decent hour for the kid's bedtimes. I wouldn't change a minute of it, but it's not exactly relaxing!

We visited for a bit at my aunt's and made it to Nana and Granbud's house around 9. My kid's usually go to bed around 8 if that tells you anything. My sister and her crew had just arrived so ALL 4 kids went WILD for the next hour. It was a mad dash for baths, pj's, putting out Santa cookies, bedtime stories, etc.

Finally, the impossible happened and all the kids were in bed asleep...OR SO WE THOUGHT (more on that later!).

Out came the hidden boxes to be assembled, the toys to be carefully laid out, the stockings to be know, the fun part for us adults.

We worked like eager little elves trying to please a jolly old man until finally everything was ready to roll for the next morning. Morning came much too soon when you figure in several night waking from Maryclaire and even one from Asher. Bleary eyed, we watched as the kids enjoyed (and fought over) their gifts from Santa and we all opened gifts from one another.

My mom hosted dinner for my entire extended family so we didn't have much down time before we got busy getting ready for company. I love Christmas, but boy is ours exhausting!

We stayed one more night at my parent's house and Vaughn and I stayed up and watched Elf after everyone went to bed. It was the perfect end to an wonderfully exciting and exhausting day!

Up next, just how did Santa, or should I say Mrs. Clause, get caught? And by who? You'll want to read this one...even if it's just for the learning curve!


  1. Cute family photo at the end! Yep, Christmas is a rush and exhausting with kids, but SO fun! *yawn*

    I can't wait to read the next installment. LOL!

  2. I love that family pic. :) Yes, your events do sound exhausting...but it makes for great memories...especially the getting caught one. Lol.


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