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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Maryclaire turns ONE!!!!

I can't believe my baby girl turned ONE! It seems like just yesterday she was making her (very quick) debut into this world on the coldest day of the year. Time has gone by too quickly, especially these past few months.

We had you the sweetest party a few days before your birthday. I decided to go with a brunch and everything was dainty, pretty, sweet, and petite just like my little girl.

My mom, sister and wonderful aunts all helped me out and brought goodies...the only thing I made was the cake, party favor cookies and roasted potato bites. I felt bad I didn't do more, but what a blessing it was.

We worked so hard getting the house ready since no one had seen it yet. We were packed in since it's so small, but it was a wonderful feeling having everyone here.

You have such an amazing family that loves you so much, sweet girl. I hope with all my heart that you are able to comprehend that at an early age.

You got some cute outfits, neat toys and a fabulous chair for your birthday! You were in a very clingy mood the whole time and wouldn't leave my arms. I joke you are my little monkey. I was hoping you would show off your walking skills for everyone, but you wouldn't have it.

You wouldn't even get in your highchair to eat your smash cake on the first try. You finally gave it a try after you made sure you weren't in the spot light anymore. Funny girl. And then you made a gigantic mess playing in all that frosting.

I love the way your cake turned out....the colors were a little off than what I had visioned in my mind, but I loved it. And I never want to put stripes on a cake again!

I wish I had more pictures, but Vaughn was in charge on the camera since I was 1. playing hostess and 2.had my arms full of a baby girl the whole time.

I'll post your 12 month post before the end of the week. You have made leaps and bounds of development the past month and I can't wait to share it.

Happy, Happy First Birthday my sweetest baby girl!

And if anyone can help me fix my header picture to be centered I would be forever thankful! Not sure why I started to mess with something that was already fine, but I did!


  1. What a beautiful cake and little cookies! I like simple parties. :) Maryclaire is so cute. Time does seem to go to fast.
    When I was celebrating my daughters 1st birthday, I was already 5 months pregnant with #3 and my oldest was not even 3! Try to do a better job than I did at savoring each moment and stage. I was just trying to survive! Haha! (Really.)

    About your header. I've had weird problems, too, before when I mess with it. Did you try completely deleting it and starting over? Did you happen to "mess" with any of the HTML coding whether for the heading itself or the width of the blog? Somewhere in the coding it should say < center > without a space before and after center. I can't type it w/o the space. It wouldn't let me b/c it knows it's HTML code. Haha.
    If you need me to help, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. Do you have my email?


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