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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year (Mrs.) Santa Clause Got Caught

"What are you building, Aunt Jill?"

These are not the words you want to hear as you are getting Santa presents ready for your children late on Christmas Eve.

First, a little background: We spend the night at my parent's house on Christmas Eve along with my sister, her husband and two kids. There is plenty of room at their house...4 bedrooms upstairs. Almost everyone gets their own room-Maryclaire has her own room with a crib, Asher and Maddie (both 4) share a room and Lucas (2.5) still fits in a pack and play in a room with my sister and her husband.

Asher and Maddie always give us a hard time going to bed when they spend the night together at Nana and Grandbuddy's. A parent, or two, usually has to lay down with them to get them to go to sleep. Christmas Eve was no exception. Vaughn laid down with Asher until he was sound asleep and we ***THOUGHT*** Maddie was asleep as well.

It was late already and we were eager to get Santa started to we could all go to bed. My sister and I has discussed putting this little bell on the kid's door so we would hear them if they came out. Somehow, the ball got dropped and no one actually did it.

Hmmm, Maybe Mc wasn't such a good girl this year!

So what do you do?

The next few moments are like slow motion to me. "Maddie! What are you doing???" I exclaim as I jump up and in one swoop grab her up and run out of the room.

I ran to the kitchen with her not having a clue what to do. Cy, her Dad, was in the next room putting together a toy and then all in the same moment Vaughn comes rounding the corner with Asher's bike from Santa. He's not usually very observant, but he got really wide eyed and practically ran back to the garage with the bike.

Jen and Cy showed up in a second and spent the next 30 minutes trying to calm her down. She didn't really know what was happening, but she knew something was amiss and my reaction was definitely off from my usual demeanor. I about jumped out of my skin when I saw her!

What Mc's Santa was supposed to be!

We quickly decided Maryclaire's santa gift just couldn't be. Maryclaire wouldn't know the difference this year what she got but Maddie sure would know what Mc got from Santa!

My sweet mom let us use the toys they bought for Maryclaire as her Santa. We managed to find a baby doll and some books under in the sea of wrapped presents under the tree.

As for the Mc's big Santa gift, we just stuck it in the other room with the other wrapped gifts and none of the kids even batted an eye.

Disaster averted, lesson learned. I won't say I wasn't really SAD over it because I was. Two weeks later, I'm glad I can laugh and think it's hilarious.

And I'm certain Santa will be overly cautious at at our stop next year!


  1. This will be a great remembrance in years to come. I thought Maryclaire had a great gifts from Santa!

    Love, Mom.

  2. Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine the raucous it caused! It sure sounds hilarious reading it, but I'm sure it wasn't at the time! Yay for mom saving the day..err..night...err all of Christmas. Haha.


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