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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Great (family) Debate

As in any family, there is always much debate over who favors who and which parent the kids look like. I think this is surely the debate of all debates...and it can be quite endless...and fascinating...watching the joining of genes and the emergence of lost faces and traits find their way into newer generations.

Just a few weeks ago at Asher's birthday, my aunts and I sat around my dining table discussing and dissecting each other's features. Funny, how each of them thinks they look the most like their mother (my sweet Memaw), how my sister is all Johnston (my dad's family) and then the debate over me...finally deciding I am a good mix of Johnston and Crumpler (my mom's family)-which is PERFECT by me. I like being a little of both.

Me (2), my sis and my Memaw

At any rate, it's been said Maryclaire is her Daddy's girl (by few, by many, ask Vaughn as he seems to be the one keeping count!). I agree she's looks a lot like Vaughn now....BUT, I also remember a certain little 4 yr old boy who everyone said "looked just like his Daddy" for several years until these pictures came out of the woodwork.

Asher at 2

Now, I know this little boy has lots of Vaughn in him too, (I would never take full credit for anything this cute!)I just don't have the pics to prove it! However, a few minutes with both of them and you'd have to be blind not to see it!

Me (4)

My mom sent this picture to me a few weeks ago. I was 4, same ago as Asher now. I'm just a little tickled, can't you tell? I see so much of Asher in this picture. Children change so much, I wonder if Asher will continue to favor me or look more like Vaughn as he gets older...and I wonder the same thing about Maryclaire.

And most importantly, as they grow, I pray my children will resemble their Heavenly Father above and their characteristics will most reflect the love they have for Him.

“For so many marvels I thank you; a wonder am I, and all your works are wonders” ~ Psalm 139:13-14.

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  1. Oh, I really see Asher in that pic of you at 2! Either way, both kids are beautiful!


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