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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

39 Weeks

I get this thing in my email every week that tells me how many weeks old Maryclaire is and what sort of developmental things she might be doing. I realized this week that she's been out of the womb for as long as she was in it.

So, here she is at 39 weeks in my belly

And again at 39 weeks out of the belly. Amazing!

I also realized that she is 9 months old tomorrow and it will be a few days before I get to take her 9 month pics. Wanna know why??? We are finally closing on the house tomorrow and will be moving in! Whoohooo! I think we might have set a record for being under contract...84 days!


  1. That's got to be a strange feeling!

    Trust me, I know how it feels. Tomorrow, my baby turns 7. SEVEN!

    Hope all goes well on the closing! Exciting!

    Sophisticated Steps

  2. WOW you looked GREAT at 39 weeks! I hope I look that good in a few weeks! :-) Congrats on the closing!!!! So exciting

  3. Your belly was so small! Happy 9 mo. Maryclaire!

    Hope the closing and move go smoothly!


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