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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Soccer Season

Asher is in his second season of soccer. He's having lots of fun. He's not the most aggressive or skilled on the field, but he's having fun and that's what counts.

We joked we might have signed him up for the wrong sport after Saturday's game when he spent most of his time falling down and trying to tackle the other players. I was afraid another parent was going to get mad at us! I think we'll have to go over the objective very clearly before next game!

I am looking forward to the weather cooling down just a little's been hot at those games and I'm just standing around!

In a few days, I'm going to try to give a house tour of our new abode. It's a project house for sure and I have spent every spare minute painting for the past few weeks. Hence, the lack of blogging!

I updated my caking blog too, so don't forget to check that out here. Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!

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