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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moving, Homeless and Positive Thinking

We moved out of our rental house on Wednesday. It was by far the hardest I've worked in a long time...and our air was still not cooling properly even after the air man came and fixed it. A 90 degree house made it even more fun loading up a 24 ft truck to the brim.

Thankfully, Mc took a great 2 hr afternoon nap and my mom came and picked the kids up around 5 so we were able to get it done. It was exhausting.

Cutest little moving man on the block.

We were supposed to close on the new house yesterday. It didn't happen. Again. We've set 4 closing dates and each one has failed for some reason or another. I really thought this one would be it. We are now signing another addendum for a Sept. 9th close.

Chaos! This is not for the light hearted.

For the time being we are staying with my parents who live about 25 minutes from where we just moved/are moving. I know we are lucky to have somewhere to stay, but I have been more than bummed out, annoyed, frustrated, angry, sad, etc. and I've been spending a little too much time dwelling on all the negatives and inconveniences this situation has put us in.

So, without further ado, I decided I needed to "turn that frown upside down" and come up with 10 good things about being displaced for the next week.

Where's a safe place to contain a baby when you're cleaning the bathroom? In an empty tub, of course.

1. I love my parents dearly and I love getting to spend some extra time with them. Asher thinks this is just the best thing ever-getting to see two of his favorite people every day.

2. No rent this month! Getting to bank a months rent will be such a blessing to our checking acct. especially with that big check we're about to have to write for our closing costs.

3. Maybe, just maybe, Vaughn and I can go on a little dinner date since we will have 1). extra money (see #2) and 2). built in baby sitters (see #1). We have not been on a date in precisely 8 months. I think Mc just might let nana put her to bed.

4. My mom has a sewing machine (I don't). I think it's time to work on some of those sewing projects I have been wanting to tackle.

5. Vaughn says the best thing about my parent's house is their expanded cable package. Our own budget cable package doesn't include Vaughn's beloved ESPN. He is in heaven.

6. Mozzy and Bridgette have two doggy playmates this week. They also gets lots of dog treats and extra attention.

7. I am 5 minutes closer to shopping (Target, TJ Maxx, Ross, Walmart, Kohl's, etc). 5 minutes is a lot when you have 2 kids with you and every second counts.

8. More helping hands. I have two more arms to hold a sweet girl when she's in "hold me" mode and 2 more sets of hands to help with Asher.

9. I haven't cooked dinner in two nights. I do plan on helping out during our stay (I promise, Mama!) but it hasn't happened yet. Believe me, I'll owe my parent's a lot more than cooking dinner by the time we leave in a week.

10. We have a whole week to rest and recuperate before having to unload that 24 ft moving truck. And I'm sure we will need every bit of energy we can muster for the job ahead.

My big helper!

I started struggling around #5, but I did it. It's all about perspective, right? I'm sure this next week will fly by and we'll be in our house in perfect timing.


  1. Good perspective! Hope things work out on the 9th and you can get settled in quickly!

  2. I'd say those are some GREAT things on your list!!!! Count your blessings. At least you have the means to move to a new place!

    When my husband and I married, our new home was not completely built, so imagine as NEWLY WEDS, coming back and living in my old bedroom in my parents' house for the next 8 weeks. Can we say strange??? But...FREE! See? Blessings. Lol.

    Sophisticated Steps


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