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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Highlights from the Past Week

Well, we are still here staying with my parents waiting to close on our house. The newest close date is this Wed., Sept 14th. We are 99.9% sure this is the real deal. Our file from our lender has been sent to the title company which is the final step before closing. This also mean Quicken Loans cannot come up with any more ridiculousness for us to do. Thank you, Lord.

Sharing a cracker. Mc's first time eating a ritz.

When we packed up almost 2 weeks ago, I never thought our stuff would be in that moving truck for this long. I packed myself all of about 2 outfits and I packed Vaughn 2 work outfits. We had a cool spell this week which we were not really prepared for clothing wise. Luckily, I had just a few of the kids fall/winter clothing to stored at my parent's house (I didn't want them sitting in the moving truck for some odd I know why!) and miracle of miracles, a sleeper for Maryclaire to wear at night ended up over here. I've washed that and the one pair of pants I packed myself everyday!

Sweet girl is getting so big!

I loved having a few cool days and it made me so eager for the change scenery and clothing. I must have changed Maryclaire's outfit at least twice a day.

Mc's pillowcase dress I made.

Here is the pillowcase dress I made for her. I thought it turned out pretty cute for my first one. I am working one for Christmas now. I think I can get it finished up in the next few days.

Is the throw-up bucket any indication of what a rough day it was?

Asher came down with with a horrible stomach bug on Wednesday. Poor thing couldn't keep anything down all day. It really took it out of him and he was wiped our for a couple of days. I was so thankful it didn't spread to Maryclaire.

Notice the ball is no where in sight?

Asher had his first soccer game on Saturday. He is definitely one of the smaller, less aggressive kids out there. That's ok by me as long as he has a good time. Did I mention Vaughn is coaching the team?

Go Fire Ants! Asher and Granbuddy after the game.

I baked a super yummy cake yesterday from the cover of Southern Living magazine that got me in the mood for Fall. Check it out here on my other blog. I even included the recipe.


I've had lots to blog about, but I'm just kind of off my normal routines since we've been displaced. I'm hoping to get one more post in before we start moving and things get crazy again!


  1. I'd say this is a great catch-up post considering your busy-ness. Sorry things have been rough, but better days are ahead! Hope all goes well with your closing (as in, that it actually happens!)

    The kiddos are getting so big! :) Cute, cute.

    (Send some Fall weather my way...please!)

    Sophisticated Steps

  2. Hope it all works out on the 14th! Looks like a busy few days.


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