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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Still homeless...and loving it!

I can't believe I ever complained about having to spend a week being homeless and staying with my parents. Seriously, I have had such a great time spending the past several days here. This is the house I grew up in , so it really is "home." Although our house closing situation isn't ideal, I have really enjoyed this little mini-vacation.

Sawing stumps outside

I haven't cooked dinner in over a week. I have made a couple of desserts, but that's fun stuff for me. All the stuff that keeps me busy at my own house, you know, the loads of laundry, a constantly dirt kitchen, the clutter (oh the clutter of 4 people is ridiculous), fixing food, cleaning up the mess, need I go on? I didn't think so, well, that is definitely not keeping me busy here.

Nana and her namesake, Maryclaire

I've even had time to be crafty. My mom and I are figuring out this pillowcase dress thing. She's a great teacher...I am a struggling student!
Sewing! I'll post pics of the finished product nest time.

Asher has been in hog heaven being with his best buddy, Granbuddy. This kid adores my daddy and for good reason; he is showered with attention and treats for as long as Granbud's eyelids are open. He's a much better playmate than I am! Telling bedtime stories with Granbuddy.

I've been so impressed with Maryclaire who hasn't let this displacement phase her in the least. I am so lucky my mama has set her house up for grandchildren with a crib and rocking chair-two necessities for my kids.
Mc has spent a lot of time being contained in the playpen. Nana's house is too big and too much stuff to get into.

The past week and flown by and I am praying we close on the house this Friday. The weather has cooled down (I'm afraid to say fall has arrived for chance it's going to heat back up one more time) and it will make much more bearable temperatures for unloading that moving truck.

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