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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy 9 Months, Maryclaire!

Say it ain't baby is 9 months old! Here are some highlights from the past month.

1. Height? Weight? No clue! We go to the Dr. this week, so I'll update this as soon as we know.

2. You wear size 2 diaper and mostly 6-9 clothes. You have the tiniest feet. Everyone comments on how petite you are.

3. You are nursing ever 3-4 hours during the day and still waking twice a night to eat. I've switched to the bottle for one of those night feeds thinking it would help you hasn't worked. I think you will be easy to wean in the next few months. You eat 3 solid meals a day and a few snacks. You eat lots of table food too. You are very into self feeding, so I try to find things to cut up in small pieces for you.

4. Still no teeth. Not one. Nada. zilch. zip.

5. Your naps have been all wacky lately and you are fighting me tooth and nail on the second nap. I don't think you're ready for only one nap just yet, but our timing has been off.

6. You are cruising the furniture and even walking with a little push toy. You even stood by yourself for a second the other day when you got excited and forgot to hold on to something.

7. You like music and will start bouncing when we listen to certain songs. You love toys...especially your brothers matchbox cars. I think maybe you just like that there are so many of them and they are very colorful. You also love your xylophone.

8. You have so much personality! You growl all the time, tease everybody who coos at you, and are just a funny girl. You are into everything and I often have to contain you in the play pen to keep you out of trouble.

9. You are understanding much of what we say to you...especially "no." You cry when we tell "no" to something. Some words you understand are night,night, brother, doggies, mama, bath, and no.

10. You are "talking" so much. I love to listen to you. Your brother was not much of a talker so this is a new thing for me. You say bubba, mama, ma-ee and I think you even said something that sounded liked doggie the other day.

11. You are adjusting well to the new house. It took you a few days to get comfortable, but overall, you are doing well.

12. You are the sweetest little thing and you have my heart. Love you so much!


  1. Oh my gosh, she is TOO CUTE! :-)

  2. Happy 9 mo. pretty girl! Both of mind transitioned to one nap/day around 10 mo. It seemed really early, but they just wouldn't do 2 naps anymore.


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