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Friday, October 21, 2011

Asher Funnies Part II

Oh, this little boy keeps me giggling all the time. I know it won't end anytime soon, but I do want to remember some of these funny things. Here are some giggle from the last couple of months.

And I'll preface this by saying that Asher suddenly learned how to say "shoulder" correctly. No more "shirtle" for this big boy. Vaughn and I were a little sad so see this one go, we would ALWAYS get a giggle out of it. BUT, he more than made up for it the same exact day when he was saying his prayers and gave thanks for his food and the holy parrots. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard.

2. Imagine: Asher is quizzing me on his tools. He knows what they are, he just wants to make sure I know what they are.
Asher: Mommy, what is this one?
Me: A flat head screwdriver
Asher: You are connected!
I'm pretty sure he meant correct->corrected->connected?

3. Asher, as most 4 yr
olds, gets pretty upset at some silly things. I usually say something that includes, "It doesn't matter." So now, he does around ALL the time saying, "I don't matter. I don't matter if my hands get dirty."
He doesn't get that he isn't saying it correctly, but I just want to shake his little shoulders and say, "You do too matter!"

He told me the other day that his favorite type of crocodile was an alligator. :)

He still can't blend sounds at the beginning of words, so we have some funnies, two of which I hear a lot.

crow=throw. As in "I crow it in the garbage."
pider=spider. "I want my pider costume to to be black and scary."

Love this boy so much!


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