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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Sickies and a Surprise

Maryclaire started acting a little not like herself on Wednesday. She ran a really high fever, was lethargic and wanted to sleep a lot for the next few days, but overall was still happy and eating well.

Thank goodness we have a nurse line to call b/c we pay $95 out of pocket every time we have to visit the pediatrician. They advised me to just ride it out, it was probably just a virus. Her fever broke by Friday afternoon, but she's turned into a little fuss pot this weekend. She's usually such a good least with me!

She has just been out of sorts and sleeping very poorly too. Well, low and behold, what did I find in her mouth today? Her first tooth! That explains a lot.

Oh, and the virus we thought she had? Actually Roseola... I noticed the textbook rash on her tonight that comes after the fever. At least that one is over and done with!


  1. She's toooo cute for words! First tooth! It's exciting and sad (b/c she's growing up!)

    My baby, yes, my just turned 7 year old baby, has not LOST his first tooth yet. Fine by me! Him on the other hand...

    (And wow...$95? That's steep!)

  2. First tooth! Hope things get back to normal with her sleep, etc. and you can catch up on some rest.


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