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Monday, October 10, 2011

Meet Mille: Age 2, Cancer Patient

This is Millie. 2.5 Yr old beautiful, precious Millie. She was recently diagnosed with a rare type of cancer that effects only 20 people in the US yearly.

She is the grand-daughter of a long time time family friend. Her story makes me ache as a parent of two young, healthy children. Millie is who God lays on my heart as I am rocking my own sweet daughter to sleep at night.

I know there are so many more children just like Millie, but her story hits so close to home.

If you would be so kind, take a moment to check out her website here

Or her facebook page here.

Please join me in praying for Millie's Miracle


  1. My heart aches when I hear about sweet children and families affected by cancer and other disease. I will absolutely pray for little Millie and will check out her site.

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