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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy 10 Months, Maryclaire!

Girly, you are just full of personality and keep me on my toes ALL THE TIME! You are so happy and sweet. I just can't get over you are 10 months old.

At 10 months, you:

1. Weighed 15.9 lbs at your Dr.'s appt. this month and were 26.5 inches tall. You don't even register on the charts for weight and are less than 10% for height. Such a change b/c you were previously in the 50-60th percentiles for height.

2. You wear 6-9 month clothes for the most part and sz. 2 diapers. You wear a size 2 shoe. You are just a petite little thing.

3. Still nursing every 3-4 hrs round the clock (excluding the one time you sttn this month) and are eating meals and snacks too. You will only eat babyfood if its fruit and I have to sneak your baby food veggies in with other things. You are very much into table foods and whatever we are eating.

4. We have to put you in the play pen often during the day to keep you out of trouble. You will usually sit in it and play happily for about 15-20 minutes. You won't be contained by the jumper any more.

5. You are still going to bed around 7:45 every night and are up anywhere between 6:45-7:45 in the morning. You take usually take 2 naps, but sometimes we struggle with it.

6. You talk and babble all the time. You started waving and saying "
ba-ba" (bye bye) a few days ago. Not in context...just all the time, over and over. It's so cute.

7. You are still cruising the furniture and barely hold on to things anymore. Sometimes you just hold on with one hand or lean against whatever it is you are next to. You took 3 steps holding just ONE of my hands the other day. I think you'll be walking by Thanksgiving.

8. You got your first tooth. It was rough. You also were sick for the second time. First, a stomach bug then Roseola. None of it was fun.

9. Your Daddy took you and your brother out for the first time by himself the other day. He took y'all to the library. He said you need to learn library etiquette. You were quite the chatty girl.

10. And a funny story: Our new house doesn't have have an open floor plan and I can't see you from the kitchen to the living room. The day we were moving in, I left you in the living room for about 30 seconds unattended to fix your brother something to drink. Your Granbud walked into the living room and found you had climbed into the black, dirty fireplace! Your little hands were covered in black soot. We had to keep the fireplace covered up with boxes for a good while. You know better now!

Love you, sweet girl!


  1. such a sweetie! I look forward to these updates.

  2. She's so precious, Jill. Petite little thing....aww. :) Cutie pie!

    Btw...thanks for replying about my make-up emergency. I replied to you, then realized your email is not infected to your profile, so when you comment and someone emails you actually goes to a "no_reply_blogger@___something___"
    Apparently, I've been having conversations with myself with a lot of commenters. Haha! Any time you comment, I have always replied but looks like you've never known! Lol. You can change that in your profile....if you want to. Just FYI in case you didn't know. ;)

  3. Library etiquette. ha! Happy 10 Months! Yeah, we are STILL not STTN either. A few times here and there, but nothing consistent.


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