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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! We've spent the day baking cookies, making cards and delivering Valentine's gifts. Maryclaire doesn't feel well and has been a tad high maintenance today, so trying to get our projects done was a tad challenging. I tried to get some adorable pictures of the kids together today and that's as close to mission impossible as it gets in this house. Poor Asher got the Johnston gene that makes it impossible for him to keep his eyes open during a picture. Even he gets frustrated with me saying, "keep your eyes open!" with every click. Of 83 pictures taken, these are as good as it got-Ha! Oh well, I love my babies and I certainly know how cute they are!

Asher spotted his Valentine's Day gift first thing on the counter this morning. I bargained he had to get dressed before he opened it...otherwise he'd fight me to be in pajamas until noon!

With his loot...just a few things from the dollar store. He's so easy to please these days!

Cookie making fun! A shaker of sprinkles is as messy as it gets with a three year old. At least it's easier to clean up than glitter!

We made a ton of these and then took some to his Nana and Granbuddy.

When we were at my parent's house, I got my mom to take some pics of me and the kids. This does not happen very often...its usually ME behind the camera.

Me and my sweet girl. Asher was DONE taking pictures and just wanted to go play so I took advantage of having my girl to myself for a minute.

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  1. Nothing better than cute pictures of the kids...oh wait..yes there is. When YOU'RE in them! LOL! I'm like you - always the photog, never the "photographed". These pics came out really cute.

    My favorite, however, just might be those adorable cookies!!! :)


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