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Thursday, February 10, 2011


We got just a little snow last night...about 1-2 inches, just enough play in. First thing Asher and I did after breakfast was get dressed to go out and play. Many layers later we headed out just for a little while. Vaughn watched Maryclaire while we tried to build a snow monster (yes, i said monster). We were unsuccessful because the snow was just too powdery. We had fun anyway in the short time we stayed out. I think it took us as long to get dressed as we stayed outside-Ha!

By 3:00, all the snow had melted. Asher was really sad because we never got to build the snow monster-maybe next time. I keep saying I'm going to buy him some snow clothes since we keep getting snow. Notice he has socks on his hands-Ha! He actually has some little mittens, but I couldn't find them. Under those "gloves" and shoes are plastic bags to keep his little toes and fingers dry. I just know the minute I go buy him some decent snow gear I'll jinx our chance of ever seeing the stuff again!

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