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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Cuties

We finally got back to church this morning since Maryclaire was born. I was so thankful it was relatively easy to get out the door with two kids in tow...and we were only running about 10 minutes behind. What a miracle!

I am also super thankful for my hubby who was so much help getting Asher ready so I could focus on Maryclaire and all the gear we now have to take with us.

I am also thankful that Maryclaire was so well behaved during church. We didn't even have to take her out out all (ok, once for a diaper change.) She stayed awake and enjoyed the music and then peacefully drifted off to sleep during the message. What a good girl!

I snapped a few pics after we got home. Maryclaire is reminding me a lot of Asher as a baby in these pics. I'll have to get those off our old computer soon.

I love Maryclaire's smocked dress. It's blue corduroy fabric with cinderalla on the smocking. Best part is I picked it up for nearly nothing at a consignment sale before she was born.

And of course, a picture's not perfect unless Asher has his eyes closed!

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  1. What sweet faces! :) Love that little dress. Can't beat the deals at a consignment shop! I wish I had done more of that when my children were very little. Makes sense!


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