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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Picnic and Play at Piedmont Park

Yesterday we were blessed by wonderful weather and blue skies. It was nearly 65 degrees in Atlanta and we decided to have a little Valentine's Day picnic and playtime with my sister and her family-my favorite people in the world . We headed to Piedmont Park to soak up the sun. I don't have any pics of the picnic...apparently I was too busy shoveling food in my face to even think of picking up the camera. The kids had so much fun playing and getting out some extra energy.Next time, I will dress Asher in bright colors because he was so difficult to keep up with in gray and khaki and a million other kids running around.

Asher and his cousin Maddie. They are 4 months apart and and BEST friends! I don't know why they decided it would be fun to crawl under the playground equipment.

This is what Maryclaire did pretty much the whole time. She woke up as were were leaving and then proceeded to cry the way home in her carseat.

Both kiddos when we got home. They both finally passed out in the car. Asher definitely got his extra energy out!

I can't believe I was posting about snow just last week. Crazy Georgia weather-but I love it! What a nice and needed break from the cold.

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  1. Three things to say...

    1. Oh my! Have you seen or heard about that hilarious woman in ATL who does her own weather reports? If you haven't check this post I did. Soooo funny.

    2. I almost always dress my kids in ORANGE shirts when we go out, especially park or mall. I have three. I need all the assistance I can get to keep my eyes tracking them! A GPS would be nice, too!

    3. Two kids (or 3, in my case) sleeping at the same time - pure bliss.


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