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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Party Planning Superhero Style

I cannot believe I am planning Asher's FOURTH birthday! Where does the time go? The older and more independent he gets the faster time flies. Asher is all about Superhero's these days, so a Super Hero party it will be.

I am basically making this post so I can organize my thoughts and ideas in one post to reference in the next month as I am buying, making, crafting, planning, etc. I have always had really simple birthday parties for him so far, and I guess I am justifying going a little more out because he'll start to remember these as some point, right?

I'll start with the cake. Asher and I have scoured the Internet gathering cake ideas. I always make his cakes, so it also has to within my skill range. These are a few he likes that we both agreed on!

Asher request was for a figure on top on the cake like Spiderman or Batman.
These cake are almost identical.

I want to do some sort of backdrop and cool banner. I have lots of huge cardboard pieces in our garage I think would be pretty easy to spray paint black and add some yellow construction paper windows so it looks like a cityscape.

I love this idea for the backdrop for the cake/dessert table. Very colorful while sticking to the theme.

I also love this vintage comic book theme. Asher isn't so much into the vintage super heroes, but int the end, I don't think he'll really care. I really like how the drinks have cute little wrappers around them.

Food ideas are where I'm getting a little stuck. If we have a lunch party I thought hero sandwiches would fit the theme. They would be really easy (I mean, think a large order at Subway or Publix) and fairly affordable. Where I'm getting stuck is the side items. I thought we could serve chips and have guacamole or some other green dip and call it Green Goblin dip.But what else???? I'm stuck after that! Any ideas? I would like at least one or two other simple side items.

Just more ideas for a table spread. I don't really have a big table to decorate, but will have a few small ones to work with.

Cake pops! Love them in the Batmam buckets.

I already ordered this shirt for Asher. It should be here in a few days. He picked it out himself and is super excited about it arriving in the mail.

His is short sleeves, of course and will have his name monogrammed on it.

Lastly, I want to make capes for all the little people party guests. We'll only have to make a few for his cousins who will be there. We don't really do friend parties yet...just family ones right now. My mom is a great sewer (i think seamstress is the correct term) and I can do alright with a little direction, so between the two of us, I think we can manage to pop these right out.

These are made of felt and actually require virtually no sewing. Hmmm, less prep time is always good and felt is pretty sturdy for some hard playing kids.

I know Asher's birthday isn't until June, but that will be here before I know it. Plus, I have so little free time now I am juggling TWO kids. I know it will take me awhile to tackle and finish projects. I'll have to be super organized the next month while I getting my craft on and organization isn't my strong suit. Somebody will surely have to remind me to relax, have fun and don't stress too much over the details. Here's to some happy party planning!

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  1. You could have your brother do his Green Salsa! Your Aunt Pat's corn dip would be another great side! If she does not come--Jennifer can make it! A raw veggie plate would be good!

    I like all the party ideas! Especially the backdrop one! that would be super!


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