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Friday, May 20, 2011

Teething, wasps, holey pants and a whole lot more!

This just might be the most random blog I've posted yet, so forgive me for being all over the place!

This is where little Mc's fingers are all the time. Teething much? I'd say so. Between the buckets of drool and her fingers always in her mouth, teeth are imminent. I'm not sure how that's going to go over with me nursing her. She already is not very gentle. Ouchers. For her and for me!

I've been trying to get Mc on more solids. It's been tough to fit it in between nursing. I've been mixing small amounts of sweet potato and now banana with rice cereal since she doesn't like just the rice cereal. I think we might give sweet potatoes a break. Even the tiniest amount gives her the stinkiest gas It rivals what comes out of my dogs....Yuck.

Just when I thought Mc's reflux was getting better, it reared it's ugly head again. Poor baby. We've got to get your meds figured out. Which reminds me I need to call and make you an appt. for a well visit. You are past due.

I got Asher to wear these today. What, your wondering? Holey pants. He has refused to wear these because he wore a hole in the knee. I think it's cute. The sign of a real, hard playing, silly little boy. Not sure what his deal is about the hole, but he's funny about things sometimes...gets it from his daddy for sure.

I need a new pair of sweats. I wear the same pair probably 3 times a week. Where does one find cute sweatpants? Really, where? And I don't want anything that has anything written on the booty or anything too low riding. I squat up and down all day and don't want to be showing my stuff all around. The pair I currently wear came from The 4 or 5 years ago.

We have wasps in our house. I've been killing 3-5 everyday. I'm afraid they have a nest somewhere. We have yet to pinpoint where they are coming in. Asher flips out every time we find one. I mean really. flips. out. I've been trying to get him to "man up." I know he's only three, (I can say that for all of 3 more weeks) but we've got to get a hold of his bug phobia...which I'm sure he got from watching me, but still a full on freak out at bugs is getting old. And embarrassing. Back to the wasps...where could they be coming in? I'm so afraid we're going to get stung in our sleep!

I've been doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred for about a month a half now. I'm only up to level 2. I did level 1 for about 4-5 weeks. I aim for every other day and I usually don't do it on the weekends. On the days I don't do the Shred, I have been doing Tony Horton's 8 minute abs on YouTube. It's brutal. BUT, I can finally fit into more than one pair of pre-pregnancy pants. Yay! I sure don't have the funds to go buy all new pants/shorts because I can't fit into them.

Oh, and one last thing, I chipped a tooth last night. Actually, a filling in a back molar. Oh bother! It doesn't hurt, but its feels pretty weird to feel it with my tongue...which I can't stop doing. I really don't like the dentist. I like the dentist even less when I have a problem. This is not going to be fun.


  1. Having two girls first, I remember when my son Jimmy got his first hole in the knee of his jeans! I thought it was pretty neat! Learning the little boy stuff was fun most of the time.

  2. Oh, I love the Shred (well, I hate it, but you know....). I started in Jan. and worked my way to level 3 by April. I really like the moves in 3 better than the other levels....

    Teething. *sigh* Hope those teeth come on in soon!


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