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Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Recap

Did I just blink or was that the weekend?

I think Vaughn returning home after being gone all week really made the weekend fly by extra fast. I picked him up from the airport on Friday evening. My parents live pretty close to it, so they kept the kids while I drove over to pick him up. Unfortunately, his plane was a little late and we were already cutting it really close to Mc's bedtime and when girly wants to go to bed, well, let's just say she has a way of "telling" us. Sweet girl hollered (i.e. screamed her head off) until we got home to put her to bed. My mom said she just laughed b/c she doesn't shed any tears, it's strictly screaming. Glad she can see some humor in it 'cause it sure does rattle my nerves!

It was perfect weather for some sprinkler fun on Saturday.

I was so glad to have my reinforcement back home and I was itchin' to get out of the house since we really didn't venture out anywhere while Vaughn was gone. I gave Vaughn the ok to give Maryclaire a bottle so I could be gone a little longer. He called me in a panic telling me she wouldn't take the bottle. This also happened during the night Friday when Vaughn was trying to help me get a little extra sleep (don't I have the BEST hubby). Uh-Oh! We don't use the bottle very often (maybe 3-4 times total since Mc was born) but I sure am up for it if it means I can get a little extra sleep. Not sure what is what is up with that, but hopefully she'll come around soon.

Boys will be boys-There's a worm on that finger!

The rest of Saturday was spent out in the yard playing and giving the dogs a bath. Asher sure did enjoy playing in the sprinkler.

Sunday we drove to Marietta to go to the Shiner's circus and fair. We met my sister and her family there. Asher loved the rides more than he did the actual circus show. I'm pretty sure I spent half the time in the car feeding Maryclaire.

My super cute nephew. He scored a bubble gun since he was too little to ride with the "big" kids.

I love this kid! His smile just melts my heart to pieces!

His favorite "ride"-the kiddie obstacle course.

A couple of hours getting everybody ready to head out the door, plus 2 hrs of driving, a couple of hours there and Sunday was mostly over! We were so tired when we got home we all went to bed super early Sunday night.

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Hope she'll take the bottle some so you can get extra sleep. I've never even bothered with Bo (too lazy to pump), but I sleep in whenever I can push my husband out of the bed. ;)

    How neat that you used to live near where we do.....I wonder if my husband knows yours since he's from here....


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