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Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

Keeping up with blogging has been a real challenge lately. I don't think I'm any more busy, probably just a little more tired! Maryclaire is still sleeping pretty poorly and I am one tired mama. While I was rocking Asher tonight (yes, I still rock Asher and the older he gets the more I cherish such a sweet moment) I was thinking about how in 2 wks I will have a 4 yr old. It just doesn't seem possible. My how time gone by quickly! I try to think about this as I get up multiple times a night with Maryclaire-it's only for a season and in a few years I will probably miss this time with her (of course I am speaking from my future well rested self!).

Maryclaire loves the jumper!

We had a busy weekend and we are in full party planning mode for our small family party for Asher next weekend. On Saturday, my parents offered to let Asher spend the night and I quickly agreed. Vaughn and I got lots done for next weekend and we always enjoy spending some one-on-one with Maryclaire. She must have missed her brother b/c she smiled at Asher the whole way home the next day. It was too sweet! Asher on the other hand was so worn out from his over-nighter that he fell asleep on the way home.

Asher got an early birthday gift from my sweet friend Melanie. He loves it!

It will be another very busy week gearing up for Asher's party. My big project will be getting my house ready and making his cake, so it it'll probably be another week with little blog time.

I'm looking forward to having Vaughn around a little tomorrow. He has a few appts. in the morning at his office and then he is headed home for a little grill and chill!

Hope my fellow bloggers have a Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Four years old! That sounds so grown up.
    Oh, and my future well rested self does the same thing when I am up during the night with Bo. ;)


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