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Friday, May 20, 2011

Simple Meals

Today's post is for Kelly's Korner Show us Your Life Friday! Today's post is to share your favorite main course recipes. I am eager to see what other bloggers post, 'cause I sure could use some meal makeovers!

I don't really "do" recipes, so I'm eager to see what other busy bloggers feed their families. I do have a few good, easy and inexpensive main courses that I go to often. I usually try to stay away from dishes that require more than 5-6 ingredients and more than 2-3 pots! I don't like to spend a lot of time in the or cleaning! That being said, I cook 5-6 days/wk. We don't go out to eat much at all!

1. Cilantro Lime Chicken: Now bear with me, 'cause when I said I don't do recipes, that means I really don't measure anything out. For this recipe you need Chicken (I like to use chicken thighs for this), cilantro, cumin, lime, olive oil, salt and pepper for taste. Mix up the above ingredients and put them over your chicken in a glass baking dish. Bake and Viola', a main dish.

2. In the winter, my family lives off of soup. My crock pot gets a good workout. Some of my favorites are soups that I've made up with whatever ingredients I have on hand. A few months ago I made up a new soup that became one of our favorites. It goes like this: Finely cube 1/4 of a summer sausage (like Hillshire Farm). Put in a pot of whatever stock you wants with 1 cup of rice, one cup of red beans and a bag of soup vegetables. The flavor of the summer sausage goes a long way. It's super hearty, easy and yummy (not to mention cheap!)

What's you favorite "go to" main dish? I'm definitely looking for some new, EASY dishes to try! My family will probably thank you! I'm pretty sure I cook the same 6 things over and over every week.


  1. We are two peas in a pod. I cook because I must. I'd rather be doing something else. I do love to eat, though, so it's sometimes a problem. Ha!

    Cilantro Lime Chicken = sounds like perfection. I used to hate cilantro (and yes, hate is a very strong word, but it's appropriate here.) My M-I-L used it all the time and I slowly got used to it. Now I LOVE it. I think I'll make this ASAP. I throw cilantro into my rice a lot in the roce cooker. (w/o lime b/c I usually only have lemons on hand). I need to check Kelly's blog for some more ideas...stat.

    Sophisticated Steps

  2. That cilatro lime chicken sounds so good!
    This is one of my new easy addictions....I cook it at least once a month.


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