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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maryclaire's room

I've wanted to post about Maryclaire's room for awhile now, but keep waiting to finish up a few projects before I take pictures. I decided I better go ahead a take the pics because at the rate I'm going, Maryclaire might be 3 before I get around finishing all the projects for her room.

My uber talented mom did all the sewing for me. I love that I have custom made bedding and curtains. I love it even more than I get to toot my mama's horn for it. I love it the most that I get to tell Maryclaire that it was a gift of love from her Nana.

It was so easy to pick out fabrics. I was starting with green gingham bumpers and adding in some complementing prints. I immediately fell in love with P. Kaufmann's watermelon paisley and tutti fruitti polka dots. It went perfectly with what I already had.

The bedskirt. I love the detailed ruffle.

The curtains are so gorgeous. The picture does not do them justice at all!

Close up of the curtains and my awesome rocking chair. It's so comfy!

The changing station. I picked these prints out on Etsy.
My mom gave them to me as a shower gift.

Maryclire's name is above her crib. You can't see it very well in this picure.

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  1. This is really, really sweet. I can appreciate the hard work of designing and making all the bedding/curtains! She did a great job. Love the fabrics you picked.

    Beautiful room! Thanks for sharing. We all know how people like to "tour" other people's homes. ;)

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