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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Saturday

What a great weekend. It was so busy I'm going to break it into two posts. Besides making two dishes for Easter lunch, a dessert, taking care of two kiddos, playing Easter bunny, and all the other general housekeeping responsibilities, we packed in lots of other activities over the weekend.

On Saturday morning we headed to Barnesville (where Vaughn's office is located) for their annual BBQ festival. We ate some good BBQ and listened to Vaughn play guitar for super cute and talented Lexi Sutherland. Lexi goes to our church and is only 17 yrs old. She has an amazing voice and I'm so glad Vaughn was able to hook up with her to play at this event. You should check her website out here.

I was super thankful my parents came too because it sure is nice to have another set of hands around when you're out and about. Vaughn was busy playing, eating and making his rounds since he's on the Barnesville Chamber ( host of the festival).

I sadly have no pictures. I left my camera in the diaper bag...which I left in Vaughn's office. Oops.

After the BBQ festival we headed back to out side of town for our church's annual Easter egg hunt. This thing is out of control and a true outreach to the community. The Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny even make appearances and are delivered to the event via helicopter. Its really fun for the kids. We had a great time (minus Asher falling and skinning his knee) and even Maryclaire was amused to say the least. She was on her best behavior even though it was super close to her bedtime.

Betcha can't tell Asher was excited!

Sporting my new dark hair-do. That's a blog for another day.

They had these kids staring straight into the sun. I bet no one got pictures with their eyes open.

We jetted home (and I mean jetted b/c little Miss tends to melt down around bedtime ) and Asher and I dyed easter eggs after I put Maryclaire down for the night.

After Asher went to bed I had a little meeting with the Easter Bunny and had to finish my cupcakes for Easter dessert. I totally forgot to take a picture of them, but they were cute! With so much to do, it was midnight before I went to bed on Friday night and Saturday. Then, up by 6:30 both mornings all while getting up during the night to take care of Girly who is still not sleeping well. It's been an exhausting but awesome weekend.

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