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Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

The past weekend was full of celebrating some special birthdays. Friday was none other than my sweet hubby's 31st birthday. Yes, that's right...I married the fool! I love how his mom jokes about when he was born she thought the nurses were pulling her chain when they told her she had a 10 lb/24 in. baby in the nursery. Wowzers. Neither of our children were that big until they were 2 months old!
Vaughn requested spaghetti for his birthday dinner. I always have fun with his cakes since it's April Fool's Day. These are TV dinner cupcakes.

Looks like this little boy enjoyed his dinner!

Making wishes!

Saturday, we got busy heading up to my sister's for a joint birthday party for my niece and nephew. It was at a really cool park near their house. It was a very windy day, but pretty nice temperatures. The kids had a great time and my sister and her husband are always super party planners!

Asher with his BFF and birthday girl, Maddie.

Taking a swing at the pinata.

The ride up there was MISERABLE! Maryclaire decided it would be fun to scream the whole way there...a usual hour and fifteen minute drive took us over two hours b/c of traffic and having to stop and feed girly. We we got to the party I said I never wanted to get back in the car with Maryclaire again! My nerves were shot!

Shortly after we started home, the screaming started again. I couldn't take it and hopped in the backseat when we hit up the toll plaza. I could barely squeeze in between those two carseats in the backseat of my tiny Jetta, but I managed. Girly was as angel the rest of our ride and Asher was pretty amused I was in the backseat with him too!

Finally Home! The three of us squeezed in the backseat!

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