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Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashback Friday

I love old pictures. I love seeing my parent so young. I love seeing how we've changed. I love finding family resemblances in my own children. I love how stinking cute we were!

This is maybe 1982ish. I'm the little blondie-probably about 3 yr old. My sister is probably about 5 and my brother looks less than 2. I see so much of my sister and I in my mother in this picture. Looks like happy times!

Side note: How in the world did my mom get 3 kids to all look the same direction at the same time for a picture? Amazing!


  1. Sounds like we're about the same age! 1979 baby...holla! Hahaha.

    And...sounds like your mom was just as busy as I, after baby, after baby. Oy!

    This is really cute. YOU were really cute. Love this pic. Better the couch. Lol! Gotta love the '80's. :)

    This is great. I should dig up an oldie, too.

    Sophisticated Steps

  2. you got it! 79, baby! i just figured out my mom is my age in this pic too. weird, 'cause i think she looks so much older than i do now (sorry, mom!)
    girl, i can only imagine how busy you've been :)


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