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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Milestones

I know I just blogged about Maryclaire turning 4 months old, but she's been busy the past few days. I'm afraid if I don't blog it now, I'll forget! I definitely have foggy mommy brain happening these days!

A few weeks ago Maryclaire learned how to roll from her belly to her back, but just yesterday she rolled from her back to belly. That's a hard one! She's done it several times in the past 24 hours. I caught some pics today.

Here she goes!

And yes, we are in bib mode now. I really can't stand it 'cause it sure does ruin a cute outfit, but between the spit up and string of drool pouring from Maryclaire's mouth, it is very necessary.

A little more...

Yay! I did it!

Asher is such a big helper and I must ask him to run and get me a bib 5 times a day. He loves picking them out for her. She has several UGA ones and he always picks those first...He says they're his favorite! What a good little bulldawg fan we are raising!

And, just in the past few days sweet girl found her sweet little toes!

What a silly face!

Just bathed and getting ready for bed. Still holding those toes!

And don't you just love a freshly bathed baby? I don't use smelly soaps or lotions on my babies, but I just love it when they get out of the tub all clean. I also love the way Maryclaire's hair sticks straight up just after a good washing!

Good gracious, at the rate time is flying by (with the exception of days like yesterday! ha!) I'll be blogging that my baby is crawling soon!

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