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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Karate Kid

Asher continues to crack me up everyday. I guess kids have a way of doing this. I probably find him more amusing than most, but that's every mom, right? We were playing outside yesterday and Asher wanted to do karate. I definitely had my camera ready! The first thing he told me you have to do is take off your shoes. Where does he get this stuff? I was giggling the whole time. Here are some action shots of my karate kid.

I know he's gotten the idea of karate from Vaughn. He wants him to try it out when he turns four. I have mixed feelings on teaching children to be aggressive. Being a "retired" teacher, I've seem far too many kids who act out WWF wresting moves on the play ground. It never ends well! Vaughn assures me karate will not foster aggressiveness.

Everyday, I see my little boy becoming so big and independent...his personalty is really beginning to show. And every night, I feel the need to rock my sweet boy just a little bit longer, hug him a little tighter and kiss him a little more...these precious days are starting to fly by just a little too fast!

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  1. I feel your pain! Each stage of development is fun to watch, experience and be part of. You and Vaughn are good partners in parenting. Each of you encourage different areas of development.

    Love you, Mom.


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