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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dairy Free Treat

So, you may have read earlier I have cut out most dairy from my diet. This actually proved to be waaayyyy harder than I thought it would be. Not really because I eat lots of cheese or drink lots of milk, but dairy is in almost EVERYTHING prepackaged/prepared/processed these days. I kid's in everything I found once I started reading labels closely.

Something you may not know is that I LOVE sweets. Imagine that, a postpartum sleep-deprived mama craves the sugar! Ha! I could give up the fight and just find something a little more nutritious for my fix, but I don't give up that easily. I scoured the internet for ideas and found lots of recipes for dairy-free sweets, but who has time for extra cooking these days? I'm lucky to get three squares/day made since Maryclaire came along!

BUT, I did come across Peta's list for "Accidentally Vegan" foods, which means no dairy in them. And guess what's on it?
Oh yeah! These babies taste just like thin mints, my fave! Somehow an entire package of these disappeared over the weekend! I could not keep my hands out of the cookie jar! And I wonder why I can only fit into 2 pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans.

Oh well, for now, these apparently make me happier than fitting into all my clothes!


  1. Just like thin mints? Gotta get me some! Thanks for the heads up!!!

    Since I'm pretty new to your corner of blogland, can I ask why you're giving up dairy? My dermatologist gave me a list of stuff that may break me out. Yep. Dairy is on it. Not happy. I cannot give up my Friday night pizza. Oh. Tomatoes are on the list, too. I'm doomed.

  2. Interesting. now that you mention it, my complexion has been pretty peachy lately. I had to cut it out b/c it really aggravates maryclaire's reflux.


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