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Monday, March 14, 2011

New Skills

Both kids are working on some new skills this week and last. We started teaching Asher how to play games on the computer. I thought it would be good for his fine motor skills to use the mouse. Plus, PBS Kids has some really good educational games that I feel good about. Plus, it's something he can work up to do independently. Asher LOVES it! He especially like the Curious George games.

Little Miss is working on becoming good napper. I decided I'm going to let her nap on her tummy. Her arms are too crazy to keep her on her back and she seems to wear herself out more if she fusses on her tummy. NOT that she's fussing that much, but I am giving her the opportunity to settle herself back to sleep. I am desperate for naps longer than 30 minutes! On another note, 2 nights in the last week she only woke up ONCE to eat. Whoohooo!

Sweet girl when she woke up from her nap.

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  1. My kids play that site, too. :) As for computer software, when he's ready, I really recommend the JumpStart Kindergarten series. It's excellent.

    Anything sweeter than your baby when she first wakes up? :) Cute!

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