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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mid-Week Update

Asher has totally been cracking me up lately...for the most part. It's like I'm watching him become this little person right before my very eyes. His newest thing he's learned is how to dress himself. Now, I know a lot, ok, most kids have already learned how to do this by the time they're 3.5, but Asher was a little behind the times. (I think it probably had something to do with the fact he didn't have any NEED to dress himself...I mean I could do everything for him before a certain little someone came along. :)

Anyway, his newest thing is matching his clothes (although he has no idea what matches and what doesn't.) He'll argue with Vaughn and I that they don't and we'll go through a hundred combinations until he settles on something-not so fun when you spend 15 minutes trying to help your kid pick out clothes in the morning.

I think he's heard too many conversations where I'm telling Vaughn that what he dressed Asher in doesn't go together, where as Vaughn will retort something like, "On what planet does blue not match blue?" and I will answer, "Navy blue pants do not go with a royal blue shirt. Blue doesn't always match blue." You've been there, right?

I digress. I got out my camera to take a pic of him playing dress-up (think super heroes people, not princesses!) and he totally started striking all these poses. I have NO IDEA where he's seen someone do this, but I was cracking up. Here are some of his poses.

This one is my fave!

Can you tell what he's doing here? Holding his eyes open so they don't close! I think he's heard me say, "Ack, you're eyes were closed!" a few too many times!

On another note, tonight was Wacky Wednesday at church and the kids were supposed to wear their clothes backwards, inside out, etc. Asher totally would NOT do it! He didn't want to and didn't understand it. He said if he wore his clothes backwards he wouldn't be able to see his shirt. Silly Boy!

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  1. Kids, kids, kids. They "do" and "say" the darndest things. I've got a house full. I know these things. ;)

    You've got a character in the making! Lol.

    Sophisticated Steps


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