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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Daddy

Growing up, I thought my Dad was the coolest Dad ever. Really, I did. He had great taste in music. He sported long hippy hair in the seventies. He had cool stories to tell of his youth. He was fun. He could do/fix anything. He called me sweetpea...even when I wasn't sweet....even when I turned 30. Isn't this the way it works with Dads?

On Saturday, we had a little birthday lunch to celebrate my dad's 61 years. We actually had a big family celebration the weekend before that I have no pics of....because of a little girl who was not on her best behavior! So, I made sure to get some on Saturday.

Asher telling Granbuddy about the card he made.

Funny how kids think all presents are for THEM to open.

Daddy's birthday Davey Crockets. Yum!

Granbuddy getting some smiles from Maryclaire.

Asher is clapping his hands for pizza-his favorite!

The sweetest little girl in the world!

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  1. sweet story about your Dad! He is the best!


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