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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sleep and schedules

I'm here! I've been busy, distracted and foggy headed with all this rain. I need some sunshine to wake up!
I've been trying to upload a video for a post for 2 days now with no luck. Looks like I just need to move onto a new topic.

We've stuck very close to home the last few days. I am really trying to get Maryclaire on some sort of schedule, so I haven't ventured out so I can pay close attention to her sleepy signs. Yes, I'm that mom. I like routine. I like predictability. I refuse to schlep my kids around anytime close to sleepy time. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to have well rested kids.

I'm pretty sure Maryclaire is going through a growth spurt because she has been sleeping crazy late the past few days...think 10:00 and 10:30. Wow! I've been playing with bedtime too because she seems to want to nap around 6-6:30 most evenings...which to me is not naptime anymore-thats bedtime. We've been holding her out until 7:30 and then she won't go down without a major fight. So then I figure we missed the sleepy window and overextended her. Oh, we live and learn, right? It's not fun to anyone when you're spending most of your evening trying to get a baby to sleep.

Just for the record, I have to document Maryclaire's sleep last night because it was amazing! It went something like this:
7:00-nurse to sleep
7:45-woke up when I placed in crib and cries. By 7:55 you were alseep. Your fussing was not bad at all.
3:00am-wake to eat
7:30am-wake to eat and went back to sleep until 10:00.

Wow!! Do the math and that 8 hrs between feedings! I've been getting up around 12am and 4am to feed her everynight for the last several weeks. I would LOVE to be getting up only once a night.


  1. Schedules and predictability are great! Not ALWAYS doable, but worthy of the attempt. Having had three little ones, I recommend a book called On Becoming Babywise by Gary Ezzo. Worked like a charm for me. All three of mine were sleeping through the night by about 8-10 weeks. It's all about parent-directed feeding and establishing an eat, play, sleep cycle. Just my two cents. :)

    Sophisticated Steps

  2. sweet picture of a little girl napping! Hopefully her nap schedule will settle down in few days!


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